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This is Don's Workshop.  It is his virtual technology lab and classroom, where he pursues his hobbies and interests.

The Audio Lab is where he spends his free time collecting and restoring antique radios and phonographs, preserving vintage broadcasts, and cataloging antique records.

The Video Lab is where Don's photography studio is located.  There, you can also learn about vintage television, vintage photos, vintage advertisement, and even vintage ViewMaster slides!

In the Earth Science Lab you'll find his weather station, and learn about earthquakes and even rocks and minerals!

The Space Lab is where you can learn about observing the sky (the planetarium is where Don keeps his telescope and sky journals).  You can find information about upcoming sky and celestial events, and investigate strange and mysterious phenomena.

Welcome....Come on in!

Welcome to my virtual science classroom!  While you are here in my class, there are only two simple rules.  You MUST have fun and learn something interesting about the world around us.  My classroom is still under construction, but there are many things to do and see while you are here today.  Use the navigation buttons to explore and if you have an idea for something that's not here yet, by all means please let me know!




Growing up in the 70's, I was inspired by some of the most "exciting" weather events to impact the region, such as Hurricane Agnes in '72 and the Great Blizzard of '78.  I spent much of my childhood captivated by the weather - documenting daily climate statistics and dreaming of being a meteorologist some day when I grew up!  Eventually I earned my degree in Meteorology - choosing to attend schools on the shore of the Great Lake Ontario to study lake effect snow formation and atmospheric physics.  Papers I authored include studies of Mid-Latitude Cyclogenesis and Atmospheric Refraction at Low Altitude, and I published a weekly newspaper column discussing local weather events called "WeatherAware".  I have been a member of the American Meteorological Society and an on-air Broadcast Meteorologist for the Northern Finger Lakes and Western regions of New York State.  I later pursued my Master's Degree in Secondary Science Education at the State University of New York and taught Earth Science and Astronomy to 9th & 12th graders.  I've since earned a living as a Software Quality and Product Development Engineer for several global companies in the graphic communications and medical diagnostics fields.  I still enjoy a good storm chase and find myself always looking to the sky (usually with a camera or a telescope!) and waiting for the next exciting weather event to unfold.  I am a certified weather spotter for the National Weather service and SKYWARN network, and recently became an FCC-licensed amateur radio operator.  I am combining my passion for meteorology and astronomy with the ham radio community to contribute to severe weather awareness and education, climate data, and emergency response.



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