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For the second year in a row, I am making changes to stabilize the site.

After a year or two of server instability with my old hosting provider (including a forced server migration, multiple email outages, and generally poor customer service), I have taken the step to switch hosting services. So far I'm impressed with the price and service I'm receiving, but it means yet another migration of files to a new server. The bulk of the migration has already been completed, but be aware that you may find a few broken (or even missing) navigational links, and perhaps some missing images. Please let me know if you discover anything missing or broken on the site! And, as always, comments and suggestions are always welcomed. The site will have a new email server as well, but for now you can still use the email address noted in the left column - or try out the new email link below:

Along with stabilizing this website, I am also putting several other websites online and working on their construction. Feel free to check out my progress as I build and upload these new sites!

Thanks for visiting!!!

1/6/19 A Few Updates Finally!
Well, now that I'm retired and finally have some time again to look over 21 years of messy code on my site, I'm starting to do some cleanup and page updates.  Don't expect miracles right away (like bringing the site up to 21st century technology).  But I will be adding content to my "playground" here and there to reflect individual projects I'm working on and fix major bugs.  I will try to keep the home page updated here to reflect these changes.  Here are the changes with this update:

  • Don's hobby pages have been updated to remove outdated links and consolidate content.  Some new content has also been added to "spruce up" Don's Workshop and repair the navigational structure.

  • A new digital archive has been created to access digitized historic recordings that have been transferred from original 78 rpm recordings in Don's Audio Archive. You can listen to the recordings online from these pages!



A Vallone Family Reunion was held on July 10th, 2014!  Over 70 family members from near and far were in attendance.  Photos and video are coming soon on our Family Reunion & Media Download Page.  We are planning an even larger reunion event for 2015.  Look for us on Facebook and help us plan this next event!

We're Getting Ready For Valentine's Day!!
Visit Samantha and Maranda's Valentine Page and share their favorite Love Day!

1/25/14 Rosario's Page Vallone Updated
We've discovered more information about Grandpa Vallone's journey to America, and also solved a mystery about an unidentified photograph from 1907!!  We've also added updated photos of the family homestead at 270 Pennsylvania Ave. on Rosario's Page.

1/25/14 Pino's Page Vallone Updated
We've added new photos of Russell and Richard's family on Uncle Pino's Page.


Our Christmas Page 

'Tis the Season to be Jolly
....and visiting the Vallones' Christmas Page will help you celebrate the season.

12/22/13 Reconstruction!!
You may have noticed that our site has been very sparse of late.  Four years ago our web host went out of business without notifying us.  One day they just turned off all of our servers and disappeared.  I had much of the content backed up in various places, but didn't have the time to piece it all back together in one place.  We're back now with a new host and new servers, and I've finally had a little free time to sort through the mess and reconstuct more of the site.  Some of the older content has been revived and new content is being added where appropriate.

11/15/13 Vallone Twins Start Own Pages
The girls now have their own web pages.  Samantha's Page and Maranda's Page showcase their own words and talents, and express their own personalities.

9/26/09 Russell Vallone Family Portrait
We've added a recent family portrait of Russell's family on Uncle Pino's Page - complete with all of the children and grandchildren.  Thanks, Russ & Jean!!!

9/26/09 Links to Facebook Photo Albums
I've been busy posting photos lately on Facebook, including pictures from my recent trip to Valledolmo, Sicily!!  We hope you will visit our pages there and consider "friending" us.  It's a great way to keep in touch with extended family and friends.  See you there!
View New Photo Albums Here!

12/22/08 2008 Christmas Page Updated!!
Our 2008 Christmas Page is ready for you to enjoy.  We've added new photos, recipes, music, and video.  This year our annual family newsletter has gone fully digital (this means we were too cheap to print copies and send them to everyone) so you can download your copy whenever you want to read it - along with our newsletter archive from previous years.  If you are a fan of The Caroleers' Christmas music you will find three more albums available to listen to online or download.  You'll find new recipes, the twins' new Christmas portraits, and a wonderful display of vintage Christmas cards to enjoy.  Happy Holidays!

04/26/08 Finally, an update!!!!
I know, I has been over four months since I updated any of the pages on our site.  Yes, Judy, it is shameful!  Finally, the Christmas decorations are gone and Spring flowers are blooming.  We have been extremely busy with work, school, and the headaches of home owning.  The twins have been growing like weeds and are enjoying the warmer weather by riding their scooters around the neighborhood.  They have nearly outgrown their tricycles already!  Check out some new pictures over on the kids pages.

12/23/07 Christmas Page Updated!!

12/09/07 Updates to Vallone Family History
I've added new pictures of the LaPaglia family and also posted descendant reports for Rosario, Luigi, and Loretta.  The reports list the descendants that I currently have documented as part of my ongoing genealogy research.  If you are aware of any inaccuracies or additions to the name lists, please contact me at:

10/27/07 Updated contact information in our Welcome Address ------------>>>>>>>>
Due to the high volume of spam attacks, we are transitioning away from all hyperlinked email addresses on the site.  We may have lost some of your contact attempts in the flood of spam, so please use the following address to contact us until we make a more permanent change to the site:

10/21/07 New Halloween MP3 Downloads

10/08/07, Many Long Overdue Updates!
We've updated our Valledolmo page!  There are also new photos of the twins.  We've also added some new information to our Vallone family history (much more coming).  There is also a new photo page from our anniversary trip to Taughannock Falls.  Logan McDermott's baptism day is captured in pictures on the latest update to Carrie's page.  Finally, our Halloween page is being updated for 2007 to include downloadable MP3 vintage Halloween songs each week this month.  WHEW!

09/15/07, New Twins Videos Posted!
Check out five new videos posted on the Twins Video Gallery.

06/23/07, Twins Page Updated
New Twins Portrait!!

06/07/07, Twins Page Updated
Easter Pictures and more!!

02/26/07, Twins Page Updated
Surprise!  New Pictures!!

01/10/07, Twins Page Updated
Visit the Vallone Twins' newest page - We begin to document their third year with new photos from their birthday and a special section featuring their recent artwork!

12/20/06, Twins Page Updated
New pictures have been posted on the twins' page showing the girls getting ready for Christmas!  We've made cards and ornaments, decorated the tree, and we're almost ready for the big night.......

12/14/06, Christmas Page Updated!
This is a special Christmas at VallonesWorld.  Our updated Christmas page features some special vintage children's Christmas music you might remember.  We also have some additional photos, and the ever-popular Christmas newsletter.  Merry Christmas to all!  Check back throughout the holiday season for updated news, photos, and features on our Christmas page!  2006 Newsletter now available online!!

11/10/06, See the Twins' Halloween Photos! Click here.

10/12/06, New Twins Pictures Posted

Samantha and Maranda enjoy Fall activities on their current photo page.

10/06/06, Halloween Page Updated!
New stories and pictures are available on the Halloween Page to help get you into the "spirit" of the holiday.  Learn about the history of Halloween and how we have celebrated it through the years.

10/06/06, Recent Family Obituaries Posted
A new feature at the bottom of this update column keeps you in touch with our recent losses.  Our family is our heritage and our goodbyes are a celebration of where we came from.

9/16/06, New Twins Pictures Posted

It has been nearly two months since the last twins update!  Sorry.  Samantha and Maranda had a busy summer and share some of the highlights with you on their current photo page. Right now they are trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween and thinking about what to ask Santa for when they write their first letter to the North Pole!

7/23/06, Clara's Page Updated!
New pictures have been added to Clara's Page to chronical the life and times of Clara Vallone.

7/15/06, Pino's Page Updated!
New pictures have been added to Pino's Page to chronical the life and times of Joe (Pino) Vallone.

7/15/06, Donald's Page Updated!
A photo video file featuring the Life & Times of Donald Vallone, Sr.  is now posted on Donald's Page as a living memorial to my Dad

7/12/06, New Twins Photos Posted!

7/12/06, SPAM attacks on Guestbook
An unusually high amount of automated SPAM has attacked our guestbook.  Consequently, we have disabled the web bot controlling that feature.  If you want to sign our guestbook or leave a message for us, please address email to:

7/9/06, Coming Soon.....
Check back soon for new historic pictures of the Vallone family.  We are currently scanning newly discovered photos of Pino's family and Clara's family, among others.  If you have family photos you can share with us (old or new), we will post them on the site as a monument to our family history! 

7/9/06, July 4th Celebrations
The annual McPherson Independence Day celebration in Hilton on the lake also celebrated Doug McPherson's 60th birthday!  Swimming, boating, beach games, and general outdoor frolicking preceded the main events - a barbeque, parade, and fireworks.  The weather cooperated most of the time.  But when a storm moved in off the lake, Chef Doug added a new recipe to his barbeque repertoire - "Rain Burgers"!  If you have QuickTime installed on your system you can click on the link below to download and view video highlights from the barbeque.  (more to come)
Click here to download video!

6/21/06, New Photos Posted on Site
Carrie's 30th Birthday Party Photos are now posted on Carrie's Page!  New pictures on the Twins' Page!

12/30/05, New Scanner, New Vintage Photos!

Newly scanned vintage photos of Maria and Rosario's 50th Wedding anniversary party have been posted on the Vallone History Page.

Rosario's Page has new photos of Don's Grandfather!

We've posted the "uncensored" holiday newsletter stories on our Christmas page - You won't see these in this year's printed version!  There's also a new family portrait...Our first Christmas together!!

Our new photo scanner is working out great!  We've added lots of new (well, in this case, really old) photos from the Vallone family history vaults.  The only problem is that we don't know who some of these people are!  Can you help us identify these Vallone ancestors?


Content 1998 - 2021

Our Family Tree
This is the largest part of our site, and by far the most important.  Follow our family back in time and learn about the history of our surnames.  This is who we are.

NOTE: This section under reconstruction!!

The Vallone Family Pages now include new pages for each family member with photos and stories chronicling the lifetime and achievements of all of each member who makes up the main branches of our family tree!  We maintain a page on our Sicilian hometown of Valledolmo.  We also invite our readers to contribute stories and photos of their own to help build our family tree into a Vallone genealogy resource to help us remember where we came from and to help others discover how their own family roots are entwined with our own.

Centennial Celebration
100 Years!!

2007 marks the 100th anniversary of the wedding of Rosario and Maria Vallone, my grandparents.

I am very proud to be a part of the legacy created by their union over one hundred years ago.  They were married in Saint Patrick's Church in Rochester, New York.  Read more about the legacy of the Vallone family!

"Maria met a young man named Rosario Vallone, who had ironically come from the same small village in Sicily as she.  Maria did not remember ever meeting Rosario back in the old country, however Rosario remembered seeing Maria as a child in the village jumping rope.  He told her that she had grown into a beautiful young woman.   They began to court and fell in love."
Happy 100th Anniversary, Grandma & Grandpa!  I love you !

The Montgomery Family Pages now include a new page full of 8mm movie highlights!  You'll see rare images documenting the life and times of the Montgomery family!  We've also added a new page for Montgomery family reunion information.

The Thorn Family Pages have been updated to include a new feature on "The House That Dave Built" at Camp Thorn, and you can find out what went on at the annual Labor Day Weekend Campout this year at the new retreat.  A photo essay on Jennifer's wedding is new to the page and now you can also check out highlights from Carrie's wedding!  Also, check out the exciting Westerlo tour on Carrie's Page and see photos from Thanksgiving Day at Carrie and Dennis' house!


Our Internet Gazette is now THE place on Vallone's World to read all about our headline news stories.  We feature stories and photos about current family events (some are even real!), editorials, weather, and just about anything you might find in your local newspaper - only Don & Amy's Internet Gazette is the ONLY newspaper in our world!  And, really, its the only news that matters!  You can even submit articles or editorials for us to publish so they can be read around the world!


This section is a home for Don's scientific interests.

Check here to learn about what's happening right now on our planet!  See the stats on  the latest hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, volcanoes, comets, and more!


Visit Don's NEW Weather Page for detailed current storm tracking and reports.

Don's Workshop
These are Don's personal web pages.

Many of our visitors may already know that among Don's list of favorite things to do in his spare time, collecting antique radios, phonographs, and records is perhaps his favorite hobby when he can tear himself away from his computer!  In Don's Workshop, you will find pages that offer an interactive review of audio history, among many other things, including Don's nature photography.


Autumn's Litter Box
Unbelievably, the cat's web pages are the most popular pages on our site!

Don & Amy's pet cat, Autumn, now has her very own web pages!  Autumn has been busy modeling for the camera.  Don't miss her latest photo shoots.  You can still  see her Fall Fashion Show plus enjoy all of the new photos taken recently, especially Autumn's new GLAMOUR SHOT!  SO, dig your way through Autumn's Litter Box and see what's new in Autumn's world!  Autumn's Christmas is documented in a charming photo essay! 


Our Seasonal Pages
Celebrate the change of seasons with us .


Visit our Halloween page and learn the history behind this ancient holiday.  You'll find lots of new surprises each year because Halloween is one of our favorite holidays!


Visit our Christmas page to celebrate the season with us.  See our Christmas displays, listen to holiday music, and read some wonderful holiday stories.  We also share pictures from our annual family gatherings, and you can download our annual holiday newsletter every year!


Valentine's Day
Visit our newest holiday page!  Learn about the history of the holiday and  see how cats have played an important role in the celebration of Valentine's Day (yeah, right).