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Montgomery Family History

The Montgomery surname has origins in Scotland and Wales.  My maternal Great-Grandfather came to America from Wales late in the nineteenth century.  The family eventually settled in Dayton, Ohio.  The family was large.  My Grandfather's name was Clyde Earl Montgomery.  He was born in 1893.  Clyde moved to Rochester, New York, where he met Ida Weidman and fell in love.  The two were married in 1916 and traveled throughout the Great Lakes and Mid-west regions to follow work, but they had all of their children in Rochester.  Even though the family traveled extensively during the 1920's, they called Rochester their home and continued having children, nine in all, until 1934 when the last of the Montgomery children was born.


group-1940.gif (18964 bytes)

That youngest child's name was Dolores Mildred Montgomery, and she gave birth twenty-nine years later to an adorable baby boy named Donald Joseph.  That's me!  Here are some family photos from the Montgomery archives.  Much thanks for the classic family photos goes to Aunt Dorothy, the oldest of the Montgomery girls and the family historian.  Many of these photos are from her collection.  Here is one of her favorites of her with her Dad, my Grandpa Montgomery. (c.1945)

Grandpa&Dot.gif (136130 bytes)


Girls&Gram-1942.gif (127768 bytes)

Here are some of the Montgomery girls.  From left to right: Dolores, Thelma, Dorothy, and Ida. (c. 1942)


Below: Dolores with her nephew, Dick Gallagher (c. 1945)

Del-1945b.gif (144570 bytes)


Below: The whole Montgomery family, a little more grown up! (c.1953)

(from left to right: top-Dorothy, Clyde & Ida, Clyde; bottom- Dolores, Emily, Donald, Jane, Thelma)


Montgomerys1953.gif (186045 bytes)

Clyde&Ida-Anniv..gif (81049 bytes)



Thelma&Deb-59.gif (18400 bytes)

One of the new generation:

Thelma with her daughter, Debbie Chapin (c. 1958)




An anniversary for Clyde & Ida! (c. 1959)

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