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TO: Family & friends of our family around the world

FROM: Don & Amy Vallone

                    If you have information or photographs relating in any way to our family history, PLEASE PLEASE share them with us!  We want to make our family history site as comprehensive as possible and we can only do that with your help.  If you have photos or documents and have the resources to scan them electronically, please send copies to our e-mail box.   If you can't digitize the documents yourself, we will be happy to do it for you if you will allow us to borrow the originals and return them to you.  We will treat them as the heirloom treasures that they are.  If you have knowledge of any family history or can share a family story with us, we will be honored to host your contributions on our web site.  Please contact us before the missing links to our family history fade away.  Drop a note in our e-mail box.  Thanks!!

UPDATE:  Amy and I wish to thank all of our generous family members and friends who have thus far contributed to our family history web site.  Your thoughtfulness and generosity will help ensure that our family history will not be forgotten, but instead will be lovingly preserved for the appreciation of generations around the world to come!  Thanks again!


How to research your own family history:

  1. Interview senior family members.  The oldest members of the family have the most memories and stories to share.  They knew previous generations of the family and have invaluable information on names and relationships.

  2. Visit the local history section of your area library. By looking through old phone and business directories you can establish basic information to start your research.   Knowing where and when someone lived can point you in the direction to finding leads to finding missing family links.

  3. Visit cemeteries where family ancestors are buried. This is a great source for finding names and birth and death dates to put your family tree into perspective.  Those senior family members know where everyone in the family was buried.

  4. Search the web. You can search for your family surname on any search engine and see what you find.  Often you will discover a long lost distant relative who has a family web page.  Share your information and find your roots.  Download a genealogy program to help you chart your family tree.  Search online databanks for old family records.   A good place to begin is the Ellis Island Museum.  Follow our web links to valuable online resources.

        Here are some great places to start!   


  5. Take lots of notes, build a pedigree chart, and preserve old photos and documents.  They are your link to the past and can be handed down to future generations with other family treasures!

  6. Buy a book about genealogy and learn more about how to connect with your family roots. We have included some of our favorites that you can purchase online with us today!

Ancestors : A Beginner's Guide to Family History and Genealogy
by Jim Willard, Terry Willard (Contributor), Jane Wilson (Contributor)


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The Everything Family Tree Book; Finding, Charting, and Preserving
by William G. Hartley


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A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Italian Ancestors : How to Find and Record Your Unique Heritage
by Lynn Nelson


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Genealogy Online
by Elizabeth Powell Crowe, Bill Mann


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Reaching Back
by Alice Zillman Chapin


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