Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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     You're not really cool these days unless you have your own BLOG.  It goes without saying that I'm really cool, so naturally I needed to have my own BLOG on the Internet!  This is my contribution to the advancement of free thinking.  Its a free-for-all on any topics I happen to feel strongly enough about to complain.  If you know me, you know I love complaining.  If you don't know me, read on and see if you can relate to any of my pet peeves.  If you want to be cool too.....find out what issues are worth complaining about by reading the editorials here in my Cerebral Circus.  All of the articles can be reached from the navigational links that appear on each page.  Why not bookmark this page and visit again to see new articles that have been posted?

Here's What I Think
about . . . 

Consumer-Proof Packages
Parking Hogs
Inevitable Mr. Freeze
Plastic Grocery Bags